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Metallic Hoses

Metallic hoses can be used unbraided, single braided or doubled braided assembly. In unbraided or single braided construction, these hoses are mainly used for bendable applications in medium pressure situations. In short length can be used as connectors for piping misalignments. In double braided form, they can withstand higher pressure applications.

We stock premier quality AmniTec Brand ( formerly Senior Flexonics ) Type UFBX SS321 (ISO 10380) material stainless steel flexible hoses originally manufactured in United Kingdom for working temperature from -200°C to 600°C. This hose material serves extreme high temperature application in most industries. Also, applicable to cryogenic application.

Other brands we stock are Technoflex of SS304 in material and U.S. Hose Corp for ultra high pressure hose.

Below are hose specifications in pdf format of each AmniTec, Technoflex, U.S. Hose Corp.

Click Here to see general fittings commonly used for most industries.


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